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This application of vacuum technology allows the characteristics of a particular grape must to be enriched and to remain absolutely the same at every vintage, irrespective of weather conditions, guaranteeing the enrichment of all the organoleptic characteristics of the wine being made.

Characteristics of the BACCO Series:

  • Low operation temperature: 20-22°C
  • Fully automatic working cycle, controlled by a simple digital programmer
  • Very low noise level
  • Very compact and easily transported
  • Low energy consumption: average 150 Watts/litre of water evaporated
  • Boiler and framework constructed in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Capacity: ranging from 250 litres/24 hours to 5000 litres/24 hours of evaporated water

Standard BACCO Series:

H20 in 24 Hr Cons-Kw Dimension

BACCO-8 800 7.5 800x2000x2200H

BACCO-14 1500 12 1250x2500x2300H

BACCO-30 3000 28 1500x3000x2300H

BACCO-50 5000 36 1500x3000x2300H


To increase the alcohol proof of a must by 1% it is sufficient to evaporate 10% of the H2O:

1000 litres of a must at 10% proof can be reduced to 900 litres of a must at 11% proof and 100 litres of water.

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