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Wastewater Recovery Technologies

C&G has been the pioneer and front line producer of wastewater evaporators since 1979.  We manufacture three kinds of evaporation systems, ranging from 50 to over 13,000 gallons per day.  The smaller ES-dry series can usually produce a concentrated result like a dry mud, crystals or wet sediment.  On the upper end for a higher range or necessary treatment volume, the ME-series can use steam from the production line, and treat 2,600 to 13,200 gallons per day.  In between is the V-NT series, used to treat 40 - 6,350 gallons per day.

Our Wastewater Recovery System

All C&G wastewater evaporator systems will heat wastewater to a boiling temperature and recover the clean water vapor. The recovery of clean water vapor can serve to reduce water consumption, costs and add improved water quality to your process.

Why use a wastewater evaporator?

Evaporation is not the most common type of wastewater treatment, but it is quite often the best fit in many cases and applications:

  1. If you haul away wastewater for disposal, to reduce hauling costs.
  2. If you have a incentive to recycle water, reclaim material in wastewater.
  3. If you're not meeting the permissible discharge limits.
  4. If you want to reduce increasingly high water and sewer fees.
  5. If you want to use evaporation to concentrate or stabilize your factory product.

The wastewater recovery distillation system is easy to operate and runs on almost any fuel including natural gas, propane, steam, diesel, electric, and alternative fuel oils. All C&G wastewater recovery technologies put high quality water back into your process while reducing water waste and water fees.

C&G Wastewater evaporators designs, manufactures, distributes and supports all of its industrial wastewater evaporators.

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